PRCI Nagpur Chapter    29-Jun-2020
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The Young Communicators Club is the Youth wing of Public Relations Council Of India. YCC has 15 Chapters in India. The Youth Magazine of YCC is Kautilya.
“To represent the youth community in the country from all fields of society under a single non-political and non-governmental umbrella to help all effectively communicate to the society, bring in leadership movement & help each other becoming good & responsible citizens of the country.”
“To effectively and regularly communicate with purpose and responsibility towards a better society and bring in accountability in leadership, while helping each other becoming good citizens of the country. To bridge the gap between the academics, corporate and society that helps all becoming corporate ready and knowledgeable & responsible professionals and alert & considerate citizens.”
1. Students will get a well-recognized larger social & professional platform of communicators and PR professionals under the aegis of PRCI to express them, get educated and act on. They get a quality platform to get networked with professionals and reputed personalities from various fields of life. Contacts always help in both professional as well personal lives
2. YCC will act as a valuable bridge between the academics and the corporate world, with regular interactions with senior professionals sharing their knowledge and experiences.
3.YCC aims at nurturing talents and grooming responsible leaders to lead the society with respect and dignity.
4. The primary objective of YCC is to make students good human-beings, alert, aware and responsible citizens. As student leaders, they would be instrumental in generating a youthful and purposeful wave in the world to lead a youth-movement to effectively communicate information and knowledge to the society without distortions and without taking sides or political leanings.
5. Periodic seminars and workshops involving reputed professionals, bureaucrats and prominent citizens besides senior professors and academicians would give invaluable knowledge to the inquisitive minds bursting with ideas.
6. Overall, YCC will help one upgrading his knowledge while making him Corporate-Ready and also helps in connecting the theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge as prevalent in the professional world.
7. Most importantly, YCC will be managed and run by the students themselves under the watchful eyes and professional guidance of senior professionals.