A walk to re-member

PRCI Nagpur Chapter    13-Apr-2020
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‘Communication for a better world’ – the tagline of PRCI as the stated intention at the outset – inspires many a member to contribute in whatever way they can towards achieving that goal. The South Zonal meet emerged as possibility during one of the meetings of hopeful, inspired minds. Meeting after meeting, the attentive silence that listens to thoughts, emotions, nuances that lace human communication, and which seems characteristic of PR culture at PRCI, got thicker until it left no one untouched that entered PRCI’s ambit. The stage was set in the hearts of the committee members. Roles and responsibilities assigned. Wheels at Kerala, Hyderabad, Udupi, Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli chapters of both PRCI, YCC and Regional Outreach Bureau, Mysuru, got rolling towards 6th and 7th July Daughter’s Day celebrations under the able guidance of Ms. Chinmayee Praveen (Program Committee Chairperson), Mr. Ramakrishna H.L (Program Committee Secretary) and Mr. JP Rao (Zonal Chairmanship South) with the theme ‘Making bread-winners from bread-makers’ – Powering girls – Powering Families – Powering India.
Far from the electromagnetically dense, urbanely crowded Bangalore city, the historically significant, education-oriented, meditative studiousness of Manasagangotri University Humanities Block auditorium was refreshing for new bonds to form and common interests of PRCI’s ‘Communication For A Better World’ to find newer grounds. A flashy, eye-catchingly blippy display board on stage lorded over the decorations for the day. This combined with dancing ceiling lights to delight the inner child in each and coincidental Mahatma Gandhi celebratory entrance decoration set the mood for a Grand celebratory event in a wide hall with clever light-orchestration that engendered audience participation. What followed cannot not be written about.
In coordination with Regional Outreach Bureau (ROB) Mysuru Unit, PRCI and YCC presented a platform on which was staged what is often experienced but seldom spoken about even in wishful thinkings as solution pathway to balancing the gender disparity, uplift the downtrodden and uphold the spirit that is in the making in what it really means to be human.
With Ms. Pushpalatha Jagannath (Mayor of Mysuru) as Chief Guest and 7 other dignitaries as Guests of Honor, 7 daughters of South India were awarded the ‘Daughter of the Year 2019’ Award. Dr. Mamatha Lala, Ms.Rachana Varsha, Ms.Jhanavi Banaki, Ms.Soujanya Hegde, Ms.Sheetal Ann Gijo, Ms. Deia S. Urs, Smt.Manasi Sudhir. 7 women for achievements in fields as varied as Antartica expedition and Karate at International pedestals to art and societal service in a way that touch the heart and warm the soul. 7 daughters as inspiration for young people and old, especially girls to look up to and be inspired to become women of substance. (Looking forward to Son’s Day for similar inspirational effect on boys to become men of substance). One can only imagine the awe and wonder in the Auditorium. Priceless.
The Keynote Address by Dr. Mamatha M. Lala stretched the limits of imagination in what is possible in being human as she presented an account of experience and accomplishment in being the only woman expeditioner as medical officer in the 2nd Indian Scientific expedition to Antartica. The poem she wrote, Aunt Antartica, now cherished in an international gallery, recited at the venue brought together in the audience minds Gondwana land that was before it became the continents we now see, and the common ground of humanity we share. Her presentation underlined why the Event happened in the Humanities Block and embellished PRCI’s ‘Communication for a better world’ as her keynote underlined the fact that honing ones interests, as varied as they may be, makes for a unique combination of talents, which when aced with the best effort possible brings home laurels. We heard just one of the Awardees. Certainly, higher standards to aspire to.
A panel of 6 speakers led by Ms. Pallavi Priyadarshini consisting of Dr. Lavanya Garady (“Adolescence girl health” needs and challenges), Priya Arya (“Redesigning daughterhood” specs of thoughtflow from wonderful womb), Dr. Raveesh.B.N.(“Psychosocial perspective for girls” biological approach), Uma Arya (“Social acceptance” Constraints on girl child, ways to overcome), Santosh Kenchamba (“Melanials need to imbibe values” a conventional strategy), Sujit Nayak (“Women handholding men” corporate castle chaos) got the brain-noodles clicking and minds opening. It presented Yuva Spandana as a free counselling cum therapy forum for youth that bridges the gap between pressure, expectation and healthy growth of Youth across India. The discussion evoked some unforgettable sentences, like “Don’t go by pressure; get the right info and do it the right way” “Speak truth assertively without screaming” “Ma Kali is about ‘I take it in my own hands’” “Begin your day with T.E.A. – thoughts, emotions, actions.” “Parents have to stop directing the lives of children; they are their own goals.” Discussions inspired presenting one more of PRCI’s peaceful tool-for-change, Swabhiman (Swa-Abhiman), to restore dignity, honor and respect for and amidst people, as Swabhiman is what goes away when violence or subjugation of any kind is at play both for the victim and perpetrator, as means to “change the invisible to change the visible” (quote by Chinmayee Praveen). “Hurt is not male or female.”
ROB organized a beautiful melange from singers of Karaoke360 with budding artists attempting to (and successfully rendering) reproduce all-time favourite songs from many regional languages. Audience could not get enough. The connect perhaps being that the singers are not way above the milieu but men and women who through constant effort at perfection, have come together into a group, and are performing their accomplishment as shared offering. Certainly, warmed hearts.
Post-event: Two walks were organized post-event - at Varuna grama and the other at Gowrishankar Nagar - at schools to re-member the opportunity in nurturing healthy daughters in the society. The first rally at Varuna grama began with Swacch Bharath Abhyan’s emphasis on clean your surroundings and each one can clean something to contribute to overall societal cleanliness. They included stage plays and street art organized by ROB elucidating various aspects of educating and empowering daughters on facts and doable solutions to existing societal problems.
The matter was clear. ‘Making bread-winners from bread-makers’ is not an overnight job. It requires a phased, deliberate undertaking addressing several existing invisibles that prevents people from seeing the opportunity for growth and prosperity in including the support of Daughters as Shakti, not just a burden to be dealt with in whatsoever manner.